Distance? No problem!

Getting your photos to us


 Photo Restoration From A Distance. Distance is no problem, whether you live overseas or interstate! At TimeLens Digital Imaging we offer a personalized service and confer with you as your photo restoration progresses.

PLEASE advise us that this is a distance query, so we can work out the best possible means to help you.


How to get your restorations to us

Check out our pricing for a rough idea of costs, visit our gallery to see examples of previous client's work.


By Email

  1. Scan in your damaged photo. This must be a quality scan set as a colour photograph, the resolution as high as possible (a high resolution scan is a priority for digital restoration) at least 800ppi and bring the bounding box in to surround your photograph. Include the actual measurements of your image i.e. 20x25cm.

  2. Email it to timelensdigitalimaging@gmail.com We will promptly contact you with an estimation of costs.

  3. A time frame of 2 - 3 weeks is to be expected, larger more complicated restorations will take longer.

  4. Keep checking your emails as we will be in conferencing with you to make sure you are happy with the progress.

  5. On finalization of your photo restoration we either supply this finished work as a digital file or as a print - or both if required. SECURE PACKING IS OUR PRIORITY - sent by registered mail. A packing & postage cost does apply.

  6. All our prints are long-life art prints (manufacturer's care instructions are followed). Other archival photo papers are also available.

  7. If you have an existing digital image on file email it to us as is.

  8. Sometimes you may only have a copy of the original on file, just email us what you have and we will endeavour to work around any problems.


By Surface Mail

  1. Place your photograph between two sheets of paper (if in pieces make sure these are secure within the sheets, do not apply sticky tape on the fronts of the photographs. Place between two strong, thick pieces of card, you can now use tape on the outside of the card to secure, and the wrap with bubble wrap.

  2. Place in a padded postage envelope and clearly mark in large black print (permanent marker) both sides of the envelope - "PHOTOGRAPHS DO NOT BEND"!

  3. Once we have received your photograph we will promptly email you with the cost of restoration - so make sure you have included your email address.

  4. Our address is on the contact page

  5. Please send by registered mail or priority parcel as this can be tracked.

  6. We will contact you via email to keep you up to date on the progress and that you are satisfied with the end result.

  7. Your original photo and prints will be returned to you in secure packaging by registered mail usually at no cost to you, but if extra items are included there may be a small packing/postage cost.

  8. We will contact you via email once the photos have been dispatched with the dispatch tracking number.


Payment is by EFT/Direct Deposit - once deposited your precious original and restored photos will be forwarded to you.

PayPal is now available for your convenience.