Preserve your memories

Scanning and Archiving Service


 Have your important family, business or club photographs, slides, negatives and personal documents scanned as quality, high resolution images and digitalised to a DVD disk or flash drive.


All scanning is manual NOT automated and each item is individually scanned and edited on a high performance photo scanner. No work is outsourced.

All images are scanned as high resolution, lossless tiff format then converted to 700ppi JPEG format with minimal information loss.


What’s Included?


Image Rotation

Basic brightness adjusted on request

Color Palette_500px.png

Colour enhancement offered (an additional cost) $1.00

Invert Colors off_500px.png

Colour cast removal where possible and on request or conversion to black & white (additional cost) 35c per item


Images are scanned as high resolution tiff files (lossless) then reduced to 700ppi and saved on your memory device as JPEG files. The prices quoted here do not include any restoration work on the images. The only modification done to the image files are negatives converted to a positive image before saving to disk. (Unless otherwise requested). All images are at the original size unless enlargement is requested. This incurs a small charge of 25c per image.

* Slides and Negatives are individually cropped so there is no loss of the image. This is a raw scan and does not include enhancements or colour cast removal unless requested by you.


Pricing Rates


Photo Album Handling Fee



Resizing of Images

25c per image

Invert Colors off_500px.png

Colour Cast Removed where possible

35c per item

Photo Gallery_500px.png

35mm slides originals

$2.20 per item (25 original items – $1.95 ea, 50 or more originals – $1.50 ea, 100+ $1.25ea).

Wedding Photo_500px.png


$1.75 per item (25 original items – $1.50 ea, 50 or more originals – 1.25 ea, 100+ $1.00ea). Antique photographs $2.50ea (Daguerreotype, Ambrotype, Collodion Prints before 1900, Tintype/Ferrotype, Early Albumen Prints). If you require photographs larger than A4 scanned please let us know on inquiry as these require special handling.

Film Roll _500px.png


$1.75 per item (25 original items – $1.35 ea, 50 or more originals – $1.10 ea). Glass Negatives - $5.00 ea

All negatives must be in strips not rolls. If your negatives are buckled or curled a good scan may not be possible.


Photographs in Albums

$2.20 ea (25 or more items - $2.00 ea, 50+ $1.50ea).


Collage Boards

(a handling fee of $20 exists per board), with prices on inspection as these require special handling and manipulation in the scanning process.


DVD Disc

$8.50 - these are archival quality disks and price includes case and artwork for label and disk. Additional copies $8.00 ea.



What Does This Include?

  1. Each item is saved in JPEG format, if you require TIFF format there is no extra charge, but you will need to request this prior to archiving.

  2. The original materials are scanned at a high resolution then reduced to 700ppi (slides and negatives are at a very high resolution). If a higher resolution is required this must be requested prior to archiving. Most photo printing locations accept 300 dpi. Your images may have to be reduced in resolution by these locations.

  3. The size of the saved image is determined by the original image and will not be resized unless requested. *Resizing incurs a cost of 25c per image.

  4. The files are saved to a DVD disc or flash drive.

  5. DVDs used are high quality archival disks, and the manufacturer states a life of 75+ years if cared for properly.


What Is Not Included?

  • A slide-show presentation is not included in the above. Restoration is not included, but brightness and contrast adjustment can be requested at a cost of 25c per image.

  • Images are saved in JPEG format as this allows the maximum number of images to be saved and the fastest loading time.

  • Original Disk Price - $8.50 (including jewel case, label and artwork) USB flash drive prices are dependent on memory size.

  • Additional copies: - $8 per (Including paper sleeve and label)

  • Additional USB Flash Drive Storage - $5 handling = price of the Flash Drive Storage