Photo Restoration and Retouching

TimeLens Digital Imaging restores damaged photos (in some cases rebuilding from the pieces available).  Photos can be restored from old negatives if not too badly damaged.  Antique and historical photographs are handled with utmost care, stored in an archival quality envelope.  It is scanned and digitally restored from the scanned image.  All effort is taken as not to compromise the unique characteristics and aesthetics of the period and the influences of the processing techniques of the time.  Badly out of focus or badly exposed photos and negatives most of the time cannot be restored, but still submit these for a free appraisal – you never know?

Most faded colour can be restored, or in non-retrieval cases tastefully converted to black and white or sepia.  Faded black and white as well as sepia can be revived.  Colourizing is also available for black and white or sepia photographs to give a fresh and revitalized special touch.

Retouching of Photographs is available - this includes enhancement of colour, contrast and brightness. 

Prices from $30 (no restoration work). 

Restoration of images is as below.

Categories of Damage

Level 1

Minor Restoration  $50 - $55


A general improvement of your photograph - lessening or removal of some scratches, small spots and blemishes in non-essential areas (if larger marks are on the face or part of the body is obscured, it is considered moderate damage).  Brightness, contrast and colour adjusted.  Cropping of edges if required.

Level 2

Moderate Restoration  $55 - $80


This is a more in-depth restoration where damage is due to wear which doesn't comprise the quality of the photo. Removal of medium size scratches, spots and blemishes, cracks, slight crazing and minor tears. (Major marks and staining/discolouring on faces or body is considered major damage) Some minor reconstruction if required. Tone, brightness, contrast adjusted.  Minor fading and colour restored.

Level 3

Major Restoration  $80 - $150


Significantly damaged photographs, replacement of missing areas or reconstruction.  Combining or blending two photographs together.  Badly faded, discoloured and age damaged photos, photo in pieces or badly torn.  Broken glass with photo in pieces or pieces missing/photo stuck to the glass. Reconstruction due to mildew or mould infection. (Bad mould infection falls into extreme damage).  Old photographs, reconstruction of buildings, aircraft, cars, boats, clothing etc  and objects requiring research. Photographs produced by historical processing techniques - more than 95 years old.  Photos from damaged negatives or photo proofs.

Extreme Damage - pricing on assessment of photograph

See Gallery for Examples

Major soiling, tears, crazing, pieces missing/torn into pieces.  Bad fading, staining and spotting. Badly crazed or yellowed.  Extreme mould and mildew infection, bad water damage, areas lifting and flaking away.  Where reconstruction requires research or rebuilding from a composite.

Please Note

Cases of extreme damage are quoted on an individual basis and in extreme damage situations reconstruction and rebuilding may take considerable time and effort.  Collaboration with the client is essential in these cases.

Colourizing of a photograph - $50 - $70 (this is extra to restoration)

Colourizing is carried out after restoration of a photograph which may fall into any of the levels of restoration.

Areas of Restoration include:

  • Tone, brightness and contrast restored and balanced
  • Colour or sepia tones restored
  • Unsightly aspects cropped by hand, trimmed carefully as not to remove important sections of the photograph
  • Age damage reduction
  • Torn, cracked or creased, scratched, blemished areas restored
  • Your photo converted to black and white where colour can’t be restored
  • Old and antique photographs digitally restored
  • Digital restorations from old negatives (depending on the damage to these)
  • Backgrounds replaced
  • Photos merged to create one photograph
  • Removal of people and objects
  • Colour restored
  • Digital restorations of photographs in pieces, badly faded or stained
  • Colourizing of a photograph

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