About Us

TimeLens Digital Imaging is a home based design production studio that's been in operation since July 2008. We offer a personalized service at our private and intimate Japanese Courtyard Studio where you can sit and discuss your restoration and design requirements without pressure of holding up the queue or rushing through your queries. We conference with you on your design needs to suit your special requirements.

As a personal service we aim to suit individual needs. We happily estimate on our services and price to suit your requirements and work with you to achieve a quality product. If you're not happy with the end product we work with you until you are satisfied with the result (given the quality and state of original materials).

                                          As a Personal Service - No Job is Too Small.                                       

A preliminary inspection of your photographs and client to designer consultation is recommended and is included in the price, as too are any other consultations required.  Please feel free to make an appointment, we work in with your busy schedule.

  A home visit can be arranged if genuine circumstances exists, within the Brisbane South area.

   About the Designer        


Elizabeth is a formally trained designer holding degrees in Visual Arts and Design.  As a portraiture artist  and designer, a passion for historical family heritage and family photographic collections coupled with a keen interest in photography and its history destined the direction of photo restoration.